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Re: [T3] backfire and caster

On 21 Jul 99, at 10:25, Dan Hoopes wrote:

> My car runs great and has a stock engine except for air cleaners.  Problem
> lately is, that if i let off on the gas and allow any engine braking, i
> get a huge backfire out of the exhaust.  is this timing?  i just had it
> checked a couple of months ago. (along with the dwell and valves)  what is
> the order of possibilities of the source of the problem?

There are 2 schools of thought on this. I believe that it is caused 
by a too-lean mixture which is very hard to avoid on overrun. Others 
feel that leaky exhaust joints can cause this.

> i adjusted my suspension a few years ago so that the front would not be
> higher than the back.  it is just about level.  when i drive on the
> freeway, i notice that it doesn't track extremely well.  i know this is
> because my caster (or was it camber?) is now not stock.  are there caster
> shims i can get to put it back get better straight tracking?  i think i
> have heard about people using them in bugs in VWTrends.

You need to get the front end aligned. Read the Bentley manual 
carefully before you get this done because it is a bit strange and 
the people you take it to will NOT know how to do it right.

The ball joints are on excentric mounts and turning them will change 
the angles. The adjustment on the lowers MUST be left pointing 
straight forward; the uppers can be turned to adjust the camber 
(that's thenpyou can see from the front). The caster (the angle 
you can see from the side) is not independently adjustable. Don't 
worry about shimming; it's not necessary and it would be a real pain.

The bug front axle is completely different.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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