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FW: [T3] backfire and caster

First of all did you have an alignment done after adjusting the control
arms?  When you remove the lower control arm it is almost impossible not to
upset the camber and caster as well as toe because now you have a different
angle that the tie rods meet the spindle. So get that done first.

	I don't know of any type three specific caster shims.  Although the
manual officially tells you that there isn't any adjustment for caster a
good alignment person could get some adjustment out of the front end.  If
you rotate the ball joints opposite each other you adjust the camber
"official"  this also yields some caster adjustment.  Someone that is very
proficient could get you as close as possible with the caster and still have
good camber readings.

BTW rear toe is also adjustable and that will also affect tracking.  Most
shops will offer a thrust alignment.  I have never had a shop offer a 4
wheel alignment for my type three or bugs.  I have had to show some how to
actually adjust toe.  if you have ever smacked a curb with the rear wheel or
even hit a large pothole the toe can be out very easily.
	The thrust alignment only adjusts the front wheels in reference to
the rear wheels.  

What type of exhaust do you use.  It is possible that you have an exhaust
leak and possible a rich condition.

Thank You,

Jason Renville .......Jasle Lagra

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> Sent: 	Wednesday, July 21, 1999 9:25 AM
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> Subject: 	[T3] backfire and caster
> Some questions:
> My car runs great and has a stock engine except for air cleaners.  Problem
> lately is, th/}let off on the gas and allow any engine braking, i
> get
> a huge backfire out of the exhaust.  is this timing?  i just had it
> checked
> a couple of months ago. (along with the dwell and valves)  what is the
> order
> of possibilities of the source of the problem?
> i adjusted my suspension a few years ago so that the front would not be
> higher than the back.  it is just about level.  when i drive on the
> freeway,
> i notice that it doesn't track extremely well.  i know this is because my
> caster (or was it camber?) is now not stock.  are there caster shims i can
> get to put it back get better straight tracking?  i think i have heard
> about
> people using them in bugs in VWTrends.
> thanks
> Dan Hoopes
> dan@ewed.net
> '67 Square, "Stanley"
> Provo, Utah
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