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Re: [T3] Wolfsburg...or not

That's funny, I got the same exact letter in the mail today for my '64 type
Batch mailing???


'64 Type 3 Ghia
'72 Bus

At 05:56 PM 7/20/99 EST, you wrote:
>Ok, a few months back, i went to the wolfsburg site on the internet, you 
>know, the place where you go and tell them your VIN # and they'll send you a 
>letter with all the information they have on file for your car.  I've done 
>this before for my bus years ago and had no problems with it, until now.
>Just today, i got the mail, and saw that i had received something from 
>Germany, i didn't know it was Wolfsburg (till i opened the letter) and i 
>nearly forgot about the whole birth certificate thing, but i quickly 
>remembered that i had requested it.  Ok, the letter was like two or three 
>paragraphs long explaining how the records for older cars are kept on 
>fragile microfilm (or was it fische?, anyways) and that some are so bad that 
>it can only be handled by specialists and others have been destroyed do to 
>over use and improper handling.  So, if they don't have the information i 
>need about my car, is there anywhere else i can get it from?  Will they ever 
>get the info off the micro-whatever to let me know, i really feel like i 
>need to know this and i need some help.
>One last little interesting thing, the spelled my last name wierd, ok, my 
>last name is Schroeder, it is german, i'm third or fourth generation 
>american, or however you say it, my great grandparents came over from 
>Germany to here.  Ok, but when i filled out the form, i spelled my name like 
>i spelled it above, however, on the letter i received, instead of puttin oe, 
>they did the o with the t}yover it.  If anyone here knows German, i'd 
>also like to know if that was just a typo or if that's how my name would be 
>spelled if i was in germany, oh yeah, the pres of Germany has my last name  
>Thank you
>Jacob Schroeder
>'72 Square FI
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