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Re: [T3] oil mess...

On 19 Jul 99, at 22:54, Charlie wrote:

> My question is regarding oil spacers.  WHEN I DISASSEMBLED THE OIL
> COOLER THE SPACERS WERE NOT between the oil cooler and the base (case).
> They were on top.  But looking at Bentley, I figured they should be on
> the bottom... and I reassembled her that way...that's why she puked, I
> am guessing.  Any way, what's the norm for a 71 squareback?

A 71 should have the 10mm cooler with the part # stamped just in 
front of the oil pressure switch, a dual relief valve case (10mm), 
the thin seals (about 3/16" thick flange around their middles), and 
no spacers. These are the late seals which were originally black but 
replacements are red.

On this assembly, the seal doesn't get any tighter if you continue to 
tighten after the cooler has made contact with the case.

> Any suggestions? What should I do about that damn bolt?  And if this
> isn't my problem where should I look?  I can't see any leaks anywhere
> else....

If it's the front one you can snake that one out and replace it with 
the cylinders in place. The rear one would have to be cut off and a 
replacement put in upside down.

> Oh, I did test the integrity of my oil cooler by blowing in one end and
> covering up the other hole... svhing, Jim.
Please excuse me while I catch my breath and dry my eyes.  ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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