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[T3] Shoreline

Hi Folks,

I have been off the list for about a week so I don't know if anyone reported
on the Vintage Meet at Shoreline, WA last weekend.

However, there were at least five nice Notchbacks, mostly customized and
lowered, but much better than last year's dismal showing. A white '66
lowered had original paint that was very nice. A blue 65 (I think) with
flares was the only one with a stock steering wheel, and it had a nice horn
ring that had an upper as well as the usual lower ring to it the upper one
being D shaped. I wish people would open their engine lids more, are they
too embarrassed, or what? There were only two Squarebacks, both customized,
and no Fastbacks :( The show grouped Type 3's with 411/412 (hint hint), and
there was only one beautiful red 412 that is probably the best I've seen. I
think it was part of the Berg Cruise crowd.

The swap meet was rather dismal in that there were not many Type 3 items to
be found. However..... good karma came to me and I found a '62 orange needle
speedo for my Notch for 5 bucks!!! It's a little tarnished, but works. I
would like to pass on my good fortune to any of the list folks that are in
need of a '65 speedo, the one that I just took out of my Notch. Price is the
same as I paid for my '62, 5 bucks plus postage and yes it works.

I also found a horn ring that I think may be correct for my Notch, it's part
#311-951-531. Of course I don't have the right steering wheel for my Notch
either, but for now I'll be using a '66 one. Does anyone know if there are
any changes to the steering wheels up to '66?
Nathan Jacobsen
'62 NB
'69 SB M/T
ICQ #38633286

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