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[T3] Transmission questions

More transmission questions that may be related to hot weather, but I doubt

1) The guy who was having racing problems in heat that calmed down when he
pushed the clutch. Its funny, but when I was having oil light problems back
when, the light would come up if I was in neutral, usually at idle. If I
pushed in the clutch, the oil light would go back out (for a while - it
couldnt sustain this for a duration of more than 5 minutes though, and
sometimes in NYC there just isnt a place to pull over, or not a secure
place, at least). Hmmmmm....

2) Lately I've been having a hard time getting the car into first. Esp in
hot weather.  Especially when carrying some weight. No mattter what I do
the car shakes into first.I+lem with the rest of the gears. This
started up mildly two weekends ago, but was noticeably worse on Sunday
(another 100 degree day here). After some research, I noticed about 1.5" of
clutch pedal freeplay and reined it in, and while the problem is somewhat
less, its hard to tell because I wasnt operating under a similar load
(another passenger and a full tank of gas) like I was the day before. Muir
says I probably have a distorted flywheel, but do these things get worse?
Wouldnt I have had this problem before? Bentley has no transmission
troubleshooting tips.

3) When they say clutch freeplay, do they mean if I push the pedal until I
get real resistance,that is until the lever is actually pulled (in my 72
Sqbk the clutch has an extremely tactile quality)? I'm a little confused
about this because whn I push the pedal by hand it the freeplay feels much
free-er than if I do it by foot. Or do they mean the freeplay should feel
completely loose  The way I have it now, By foot it feels like no freeplay,
but by hand I can push it with little effort 1/2" until I get to the point
of real resistance.

4) Hey, how do we feel in general about that clothespin technique for vapor
lock? Any suggested places on the fuel line to put these clothespins? Is
this really a feasible method? Clothespin it and drive this way? Or only
clothespin it when parked?

Finally, any new New York City folk to the list who have a reliable-ish
repair guy who does transmissions? Is the tranmission same as a beetle? I
know a few beetle guys but no T3 guys..

72 Sqbk, 1600, dual Weber ICT 34s

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