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[T3] oil mess...

Hey all....

On my way back from Iowa.... something let go... oil everywhere.... took
me three quarts to get it home.

Well, looks like all the oil is coming from the bottom of the oil
cooler. So I go about tearing into her to see if its a blown seal.  But,
they looked ok.... a little squished but ok...  I replaced them anyway.
Put her all back together, started her up and she puked oil all over the

So, I went to tear her down again and now I stripped one of the bolts
that go all the way through and have a nut and washer underneath.
AHHHHH!  I have another so I guess i am going to try to cut it and then
cut the bottom so I can pull it out the top.

My question is regarding oil spacers.  WHEN I DISASSEMBLED THE OIL
COOLER THE SPACERS WERE NOT between the oil cooler and the base (case).
They were on top.  But looking at Bentley, I figured they should be on
the bottom... and I reassembled her that way...that's why she puked, I
am guessing.  Any way, what's the norm for a 71 squareback?

Any suggestions? What should I do about that damn bolt?  And if this
isn't my problem where should I look?  I can't see any leaks anywhere

Oh, I did test the integrity of my oil cooler by blowing in one end and
covering up the other hole... stop laughing, Jim.



71 square fi
71 square parts car

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