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Re: [T3] changing plugs on T3

On 20 Jul 99, at 7:07, neil wrote:

> Its the first time I've even looked at a VW engine. Without sounding to 
> mechanically unaware what is the easiest way to get to the spark plugs 
> (back right corner one easy enough, don't know about the other three). 

Just get a good spark plug socket and some extensions for your drive. 
3" and 6" extensions will do the trick.

> On that note, the plug leads I have have the normal distributor cap end, 
> but the spark plug end has the different type of head (that fits over the 
> thread of the plug). The Bosch spark plugs though can have the usual 
> little bulb thing that goes on most plugs, this would allow me to get a 
> normal plug lead without mak¢¸lup which may be inferior in 
> performance.

The Bosch bakelite SP connectors are much higher quailty than 
anything you might replace them with that used the standard American 
style connector. You should be able to buy a suitable SP wire set any 
number of places, but the really correct sets have right angel 
connectors at the distributor so the wires don't get pressed into the 
engine cover.

The original dist connectors are impossible to buy now. Like the SP 
connectors they just screw into the copper core wire, so it is cheap 
and easy to just replace the WIRE. There is a 1000 Ohm resistor in 
the SP connector which sometimes opens up, so it is worthwhile to 
check them occasionally.

I have good wire sets if you, or anyone else, needs them. I also have 
a FEW of the OE dist connectors (used), but the price on those is 
more than most people would want to pay.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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