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Re: [T3] Summer Questions (long)

On 18 Jul 99, at 21:04, Jacob Schroeder wrote:

> >Does it do this at any speed, or is there a speed (like around 30
> >mph) where this only occurs.
> Usually, it occurs at the speeds where i am in second or third gears, so
> between 20-35 mph or so.

I had a 71 that did this. It would "lurch" around 30 mph if I was 
just trying to hold a constant speed with no load. I don't know an 
answer for this, bf] several things to remove the backlash from 
the drive train seemed to help. 

> >Is there any chance that your "new" engine has developed a large
> >amount of end play in the crank. If so, you may be able to see this
> >in movement of the pulley at the rear of the engine.
> That is possible, could you give me more information on how to check this
> out?

Watch the pullley while someone pushes the clutch in. If the engine 
is running you may see the pulley moving back and forth until the 
clutch is depressed; this pushes the crank to the rearmost extreme 
position and holds it there.
> >I never heard of such a thing and I can't imagine what it is. Is it
> >possible that you are just hearing wind noise and confusing it with
> >engine noise. Or is your clutch slipping when you get pushing against a
> >good head wind? Do you have SOME free play in your clutch pedal travel?
> I don't think my clutch is slipping, because i'll get the noise with a
> strong cross wind too, and i've heard from a few others on the list that
> the same thing happens to them too, so, who knows?

It the clutch is not slipping, then the engine can't speed up unless 
the car speeds up.

> See, money is no problem as far as gas goes, i can spare the extra ten
> cents a gallon for the premium (hi octane) stuff, i am just curious if the
> high octane gas can cause any harm.  Cause once i was talkin to an old red
> neck chevy mechanic around here, and he was tellin me this story about
> some kid who got a hold of a '72 Super Beetle and ran high octane gas in
> it and blew the heads off.  Is that possible?  Can running High Octane gas
> on a stock '72 VW cause damage?

That story is just ignorant BS. That's impossible to be caused by the 

> >What part of Indiana are you in? I may be passing through there later
> >this summer on my way to my folks home. I am a displaced Hoosier.
> I live in Kokomo, Indiana, it's about 50 miles due north of Indianapolis
> on US 31.  If you will be traveling near here, tell me, where will you Lng?

My parents live in Richmond.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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