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Re: [T3] I'm going home again

On 19 Jul 99, at 11:08, Edmond Dantes wrote:

> I need some recomendations.
> Are there any years to avoid or specialy seek out?

There are several reasons to go for 12 V, so that would be 67 or 
later. FI is excellent and started in 68. The IRS rear suspension is 
the best and started in 69. Many people prefer the early "classic" 
body style for which 69 was the last year.

> Are there things I should check out specific to the T3?

Rust. Look inside the rear of the front wheel wells and inside the 
front of the rear wheel wells.

> I've always been afraid of automatic transmissions.  If I can get an
> auto can I replace it with a manual when it dies?  Mabey a 5 speed?

I hear it can be done, but there is usually no tube for the clutch 
cable. This would be difficult to retrofit.

> Are the '66's and earlier 6 volts and if so how difficult would it be
> to change it?

66 was the last 6 V year. There are many things to change, and most 
people never succeed in finishing their conversions. It's a lot of 
work and money and the original stuff works fine if you just fix it 
up--a much 6option.

> Are there kits to put in AC?

I recommend that you not even think about it. I know it is appealing, 
but installing the compressor really F**ks up the engine and you have 
to butcher the body to fit the rest or the parts. I would avoid any 
type 3 with AC.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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