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[T3] changing plugs on T3

Hi, my better half has just bought a 71 T3... We both think it VERY cool. 
(beats a Jap car any day).
Its the first time I've even looked at a VW engine. Without sounding to 
mechanically unaware what is the easiest way to get to the spark plus 
(back right corner one easy enough, don't know about the other three). 
Any suggestions for a new boy would be appreciated... I've been reading 
the archive and it sound like I have the same problem as most.... 
jittering and shaking (three cylinder type of sound) only in low revs. 
The spark plug leads are very old though, so old there's no flexibility 
left in them, possibly the original lead I thinks.

On that note, the plug leads I have have the normal distributor cap end, 
but the spark plug end has the different type of head (that fits over the 
thread of the plug). The Bosh spark plugs though can have the usual 
little bulb thing that goes on most plugs, this would allow me to get a 
normal plug lead without making one up which may be inferior in 

Is this OK to do, or am I best tofRm made up with the alternative 
type of connection on the spark plug end.



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