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[T3] Horn is working!

Got the horn working this weekend!!
Thanks for all the advice!
I took the whole thing apart again and cleaned it up, and it worked when
directly connecting it to the battery... funny thinm∆‘Oat it wouldn't
work when connected to the horn plugs. So I took out my handy tester, and
Naomi read the meter while I pushed the horn. Turns out that a little
voltage is lost somewhere... the battery directly had 12.6 volts, but the
horn plugs had 11.7 volts - and that was enough to make the horn not work.
I couldn't find the adjustment bolt at first, but then realized there's a
little black plastic cap over it. So I pried it off and by turning the thing
I got it working quite easily.
Kinda neat how the horn works - starts off with a circuit across the horn
plugs, which power the electro-magnets, which pull down a plate which has a
rod on it, which pushes down on a switch, which disconnects the circuit,
which turns off the electro-magnets, which causes the plate to spring back
up, which connects the circuit.... and so on. this vibrates the metal plate,
which causes the sound.... pretty cool stuff.
and btw, that center cap on the steering wheel just pops off, and the horn
handle can be adjusted easily that way (ours was pretty loose).

Now if I can just get that last fender patched up, things will be great! :)


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