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Re: [T3] Summer Questions (long)

>Does it do this at any speed, or is there a speed (like around 30
>mph) where this only occurs.

Usually, it occurs at the speeds where i am in second or third gears, so 
between 20-35 mph or so.

>Is there any chance that your "new" engine has developed a large
>amount of end play in the crank. If so, you©£<÷able to see this
>in movement of the pulley at the rear of the engine.

That is possible, could you give me more information on how to check this 

>The timing of the 72 is unique and somewhat difficult. You need to
>follow the Bentley manual exactly for this. Have you verified that
>the vac and mech advance mechanisms are both working properly?

Oh yeah, i know i've set the timing properly, although to do so, i had to go 
to some awefully wierd measures to get that set corectly, but yes, i 
followed the procedure outlined in the Bentley Manual, and it is timed 
correctly, and the advance mechanisms work correctly.

>I never heard of such a thing and I can't imagine what it is. Is it
>possible that you are just hearing wind noise and confusing it with
>engine noise. Or is your clutch slipping when you get pushing against
>a good head wind? Do you have SOME free play in your clutch pedal

I don't think my clutch is slipping, because i'll get the noise with a 
strong cross wind too, and i've heard from a few others on the list that the 
same thing happens to them too, so, who knows?

>72-3 came with reduced compression ratio. My 72 had no trouble with
>low octane gas, but then I had reduced the CR even further. Knock,
>which is just a more extreme form of ping, sounds like a handfull of
>steel balls slowly dropped into a metal bucket. It happens at low rpm
>and full throttle. If you have it, you will probably hear it then and
>should move to higher octane gas.

See, money is no problem as far as gas goes, i can spare the extra ten cents 
a gallon for the premium (hi octane) stuff, i am just curious if the high 
octane gas can cause any harm.  Cause once i was talkin to an old red neck 
chevy mechanic around here, and he was tellin me this story about some kid 
who got a hold of a '72 Super Beetle and ran high octane gas in it and blew 
the heads off.  Is that possible?  Can running High Octane gas on a stock 
'72 VW cause damage?

>What part of Indiana are you in? I may be passing thro2´Úe later
>this summer on my way to my folks home. I am a displaced Hoosier.

I live in Kokomo, Indiana, it's about 50 miles due north of Indianapolis on 
US 31.  If you will be traveling near here, tell me, where will you be 

Thank you,

Jacob Schroeder
'72 Square

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