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Re: [T3] ACK! What did I do????

Seems to me, Bill, you didn't get your gasket sealed up properly. Make sure the
gasket is of the correct thickness, and just do the job again. Also make sure
you don't have any cavities or pits on the gasket surfaces of both the head and

73 Wagon

Bill Niles wrote:

> Cars been running just fine but I figured it was time to do a valve
> adjustment.
> Went out to do the adjustment this morning and everything seemed to go just
> fine. I only had to do minor adjustment to a couple of the exhaust valves
> that seemed to be a bit tight.
> So 45 minutes later, adjustments done and the car starts up just fine and
> is running very smooth.
> This afternoon we took it for a little drive in the hills. We drove about
> 30 miles and it ran great until on the way back into town the oil light
> came on. After we pulled into the drive I got out and looked under the
> back. Quite a bit of oil seems to have leak out from the right-side valve
> cover.
> I'm still letting it cool down before I go out and pull the valve cover
> off.
> What could have happened? I didn't have a single leak before this.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks
> Bill
> '64 notch 1500
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