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Re: [T3] Summer Questions (long)

QHl 99, at 18:25, Jacob Schroeder wrote:

> 1).   with it being summer, it's been great weather here in indiana for
> VW's except it has been so dang hot.  Here's a prob i was experiencing
> with my square that i'd like some help on.  Ok, the car starts up fine,
> and i can drive it great for about 10 minutes, until, what i believe is
> happening is that it is getting too hot, where it starts to run rough, and
> it begins to shake horribly (not side to side, but i guess, front to back,
> like a really bad slipping clutch), i do know that it is either related to
> the engine or the transmission because when i push on the clutch the
> problem goes away, i have no clue where to start trying to fix this.  If i
> haven't been descriptive enough, please ask me and i'll clarify it some
> more.

Does it do this at any speed, or is there a speed (like around 30 
mph) where this only occurs.

Is there any chance that your "new" engine has developed a large 
amount of end play in the crank. If so, you may be able to see this 
in movement of the pulley at the rear of the engine.

> The engine has less than 100 miles on it since i rebuilt it with all new
> parts, i just checked the valves (to make sure they weren't way out of
> whack) and everything checked out, it is a '72 FI Square, i am using
> Pertronix Electronic Points system (what's that about i recall i heard on
> here?  If anyone knows about that, please let me know) so i know the gap
> is correct, i just can't figure this out.

The timing of the 72 is unique and somewhat difficult. You need to 
follow the Bentley manual exactly for this. Have you verified that 
the vac and mech advance mechanisms are both working properly?

> 2.   Ok, when i drive the car on a windy day, this is probably normal, i
> don't know since this is the first square i've owned and in the bus i used
> to own i never noticed this, ok, anyways, on windy days when i am driving,
> whenever the wind gusts, i can hear my engine rev up.  Is this just a
> "natural turbocharging" caused by a lotHQbeing forced through the
> air intake slits on the sides on the car, or could this indicate an air
> leak somewhere?

I never heard of such a thing and I can't imagine what it is. Is it 
possible that you are just hearing wind noise and confusing it with 
engine noise. Or is your clutch slipping when you get pushing against 
a good head wind? Do you have SOME free play in your clutch pedal 

> 3.   Last but not least, i have always been confused about the timing and
> cheap gas issue.  Ok, so would there be any harm in running high octane
> gas in a 1600cc, '72 FI car?  Because i know if the octane is too low, you
> run the risk of knocking (or is it pinging?), but are there any adverse
> affects of running high octane gas (i think the highest i usually see here
> in indiana is 91)?  Would i then have to set the timing the other way? 
> Would the engine run too hot?

72-3 came with reduced compression ratio. My 72 had no trouble with 
low octane gas, but then I had reduced the CR even further. Knock, 
which is just a more extreme form of ping, sounds like a handfull of 
steel balls slowly dropped into a metal bucket. It happens at low rpm 
and full throttle. If you have it, you will probably hear it then and 
should move to higher octane gas.

What part of Indiana are you in? I may be passing through there later 
this summer on my way to my folks home. I am a displaced Hoosier.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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