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[T3] Summer Questions (long)

Hello everyone,

1).   with it being summer, it's been great weather here in indiana for VW's 
except it has been so dang hot.  Here's a prob i was experiencing with my 
square that i'd like some help on.  Ok, the car starts up fine, and i can 
drive it great for about 10 minutes, until, what i believe is happening is 
that it is getting too hot, where it starts to run rough, and it begins to 
shake horribly (not side to side, but i guess, front to back, like a really 
bad slipping clutch), i do know that it is either related to the engine or 
the transmission because when i push on the clutch the problem goes away, i 
have no clue where to start trying to fix this.  If i haven't been 
descriptive enough, please ask me and i'll clarify it some more.

The en less than 100 miles on it since i rebuilt it with all new 
parts, i just checked the valves (to make sure they weren't way out of 
whack) and everything checked out, it is a '72 FI Square, i am using 
Pertronix Electronic Points system (what's that about i recall i heard on 
here?  If anyone knows about that, please let me know) so i know the gap is 
correct, i just can't figure this out.

2.   Ok, when i drive the car on a windy day, this is probably normal, i 
don't know since this is the first square i've owned and in the bus i used 
to own i never noticed this, ok, anyways, on windy days when i am driving, 
whenever the wind gusts, i can hear my engine rev up.  Is this just a 
"natural turbocharging" caused by a lot of air being forced through the air 
intake slits on the sides on the car, or could this indicate an air leak 

3.   Last but not least, i have always been confused about the timing and 
cheap gas issue.  Ok, so would there be any harm in running high octane gas 
in a 1600cc, '72 FI car?  Because i know if the octane is too low, you run 
the risk of knocking (or is it pinging?), but are there any adverse affects 
of running high octane gas (i think the highest i usually see here in 
indiana is 91)?  Would i then have to set the timing the other way?  Would 
the engine run too hot?

Thank you, and i'm sorry this is so long, i am just anxious to get on 
enjoying this summer with the VW

Jacob Schroeder
'72 FI Square

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