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Re: [T3] Lowering and raising the suspension

HermanH=> how to raise the rear, do I have to adjust the torsion bar? 

Yup. It's not particularly difficult, but there's some work involved. 
The procedures are covered fully in the better manuals. Briefly:

With the car sitting level, mark the spring plate position relative to 
  the frame.
Get the car up on jackstands with the rear wheels off.
Loosen the hand brake cables from the front.
Disconnect the shock from the lower mount.
Remove the bolts holding the spring plate to the hub assembly.
Push the axle rearward to clear the spring plate.
Remove the torsion hub cover and rubber bushing.
Mark the end of the torsion bar and the spring plate so you can tell 
  where you started.
Pull the spring plate outward enough to clear the frame stop. It'll flip 
  down, but not violently.
Tap the torsion bar out of the spring plate. It's better not to 
  pull the torsion bar all the way out, as this complicates the 
Pull off the spring plate and regrease the splines.
Put the spring plate back on, one notch down.
Jack up the end of the spring plate until you can get it back on the 
  frame stop.

=> to lower the front , there are 3 torsion bars there, how is it done?

There are two torsion bars in the lower tube and a stabilizer bar on 
  top. Ignore the upper arms. 
Disassemble the front wheel down to the ball joints.
Remove the lower torsion arm retaining bolt and retainer. 
Make the same marks as above to keep track of where you started.
Pull the torsion arm off the torsion bar. Again, if the bar stays in the 
  tube, things ar<>Romplicated.
Regrease, turn the arm one notch up, and reassemble.
See how you like that and repeat until you reach your preferred darkness 
  level. If you find yourself removing bump rubbers, you may be going 
  too far.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 343

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