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Re: [T3] Heat Exchangers...

On 16 Jul 99, at 8:09, John Kaminski wrote:

> Anyone do any exhaust work on their T3 lately?  I was recently able to get a
> muffler and a combination tail & damper pipe for my '69 Squareback (they're
> for a '71, but the guy claims that they'll fit just fine).  Of course, the
> front (and to a lesser degree, rear) heat exchangers are rusted all to hell
> as well.  Neither Motorworks nor The Bus Depot seem to carry heat exchangers
> for Type 3s, tons for bugs, busses, & ghias though.  Do the heat exchangeYMê½E to be for a T3?  Are they interchangeable with any other VWs?  I was
> hoping to get NOS instead of used, but may be willing to settle for
> anything.

68-71 type 3 exhaust systems are identical, 72-3 are slightly 
different, but will fit earlier cars if you use ALL the late parts. 
The heat exchangers are all the same. None of the heat exchangers are 
available NOS any more. They have been gone a long time.

The rears are a problem because of that big pipe union. Many people 
can't get those off and end up throwing the whole thing away. 
Remember the first rule of repairs: "Don't throw ANYTHING away until 
the replacement is bought, installed, and proven good."

If there are people out there who need their rear heat exchangers 
pulled apart, I can do it for $30 a pair, plus shipping. This is a 
good deal if you are local, but I realize that the shipping on these 
makes it marginal.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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