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Re: [T3] Superbolts

I finally got the thing out and am rolling today.  I ended up doing
what I said.  I used my miniature air die grinder and a cylindrical
point to get the shell thin enough to get bits pried out with an awl.
I used green LPS Tapmatic fluid for wet grinding ał"Vng. Took
about 3 more hours of work.  The outer section of that bolt was as
hard as tool steel.  If you look at the head of the bolt, it'll have a
set of numbers stamped in it.  The common one is 8.8, the shock bolts
are 10.9 and I think there's a 12.0 that used on hex socket cap
screws.  They're German or European spec numbers that sort of
correspond to our SAE bolt grade system.  You'll want to replace with
the same grade, not just any old hardware store bolt.  If you've got
8.8, it should be readily drilled out and retapped.  If it's 10.9,
you'll end up doing what I just did.  I'd hate to even think what a
12.0 would be like.

I'm fortunate enough to have a source of cheap, usable air tools in
town.  Not the greatest quality, but they did the job.  I think I've
used just about every one that I own on this job.  Harbor Freight runs
sales on import air tools frequently for those that are interested.

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999 23:19:20 -0500, you wrote:

>Stan, I feel your pain.  I'm in the middle of replacing my front beam on the
>71 Square.  (Suspension travel limit mounts rusted off.)  Same as you both
>bottom bolts came out alright, but the top ones....  I decided to leave them
>until later & took the beam out with them attached.  Unfortunately one of
>the bolts that attaches the beam vertically to the car twisted off right
>where the threads start to cut into the shank.  No way I could get in there
>through the rubber mounts with penetrating oil.  Anyone know what the specs
>are on that one?  I'd like the new one to stay attached.

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