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Re: [T3] 67 front turn signal same as 72??

>Sorry, join the " '67 only" parts club.  Lots of parts for your '67 are

>unique to just that year.  they call the late turn signals "wrap
around."  I
>think '68 - '69 are bullet style (correct me if i am wrong) and i think
>'66 and before are the bullet style also.  i believe the '67 are called

>You might be able to modify your body to accept the other signal
>but personally, i think the wrap around are butt-ugly.  if you have no
>of getting some '67 turn signals and want to put on some other year's,
>would go for the bullet style (while not as road-safe because they are
>smaller, they look cooler).


I have to differ with you there.  All the type 3's I've had ( 66
squareback, 63 notchback and my current car, a 65 notchback) all
had/h*wrap around turn signals.  In checking catalogs, RMMW lists
the bullet lens as fitting the 62-63 and 68-69 (p/n 315 953 161D, $11.75
each) and the wrap around for 64-67 (p/n 311 953 161D, $14.50 each).
California Imports lists the same years for $10.95 and $12.95 each.  My
63 notch had later fenders on it, which is why it had the wrap arounds.
As far as the bullets looking "cooler", well, that's a matter of
personal opinion.  I prefer the wrap around on the early models much

65 Notch

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