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Re: [T3] 67 front turn signal same as 72??

At 00:56 -0400 16.07.1999, RudyGrrrl@aol.com wrote:

>Hey guys! Well, i have a 1967 Squareback, and woah! what's that? she has

The most likely reason for this is because your '67 Square is not the 1600L
model, rather, a 1600A.  You are probably 'missing' quite a few other
things like body moulding, sidemarkers, front moustache chrome, and some
interior extras as well.

I have a friend who owns a 1967 Square that is similar to mine, but his is
the A model, whereas I have the L.  He has just completed a total
restoration (last week) and he will be bringing it to a local VW show
today.  If we manage to park next to eachother, I will try to take some
pictures to compare the models.  Maybe Greg can upload them to the
scrapbook if he is interested.

Have a weekend.


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