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any type3 owners in the seattle area? ive got 0 type3 friends to talk VWs 
with! and i need a few parts swapin buddys! anyone?

jeremy, 69 fasty, 67 square

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At 22:04 -0600 14.07.1999, Jim Adney wrote:

>> The engine is a basically stock 1584cc mill, with 34mm FRD carbs, Facet
>> electronic fuel pump, CR is 9.5:1, 009 distributor, Crane XR-700 optically
>> triggered points box and I use only 99 octane leaded fuel ($4.75 a gallon).

>You don't say how long this problem takes to go away. Does it?

The problem does eventually go away - after I have been driving for another
5 minutes or so, or if the car has been sitting for an hour.

>Is there any chance that your Facet pump is located near the engine
>where it can get warm and boil off the gas and get vapor lock? It
>really "belongs" in front under the gas tank. AND I hope you have
>some kind of safety interlock on it.

It is mounted next to the transmission, onto a bracket that I welded onto
the left-side fork that holds the transmission.  It should get some air
there, but it is close to the road.  I passed a road temperature gauge the
other day that read 47C, so maybe the heat coming up off the asphalt is
causing tt lock.

Perhaps I should re-locate the pump.

I really could not find a place under the gas tank to mount the pump - the
one on my Beetle mounted nicely up there.

I do not have any safety interlock, nor regulator.  I do have a fire
extinguisher though ...

>Vapor lock can be made worse if the gas tank has lost it's vent, or
>if the filter screen in the bottom of the tank is clogged.

The filter screen is in good shape (bought a new one from VAG last fall).
However, I am not sure about the vent.  Where should I look.

>>                  - "Kraft durch Freude" -

>Great slogan!

Well, I am trying to KDF my way into the next century ... as many of us
probably are!


Patrick Joel Morton
Rauhankatu 28 as 27
FIN -- 20100  TURKU
Finland, E.U.

Home of the V-Wauhtipiste Volkswagens!

                 - "Kraft durch Freude" -

1963 Beetle (Helmut) - Deluxe Limousine
1967 Variant (Urs) - Squareback
1970 Beetle (Otto) - Sunroof Limousine

"We have everything but misery, because that
can't be bought with money."
   - Kai Lehto, October 1998

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