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Re: [T3] PLEASE HELP !!!

On 15 Jun 99, at 23:37, bugmanic wrote:

> I just bought a 71 fastback automatic w/air i'ts got fuel injection and
> it idles great but when i begin to accelerate it seems to bog down and
> if i let off the gas and then get back into it( very slowly) it seems to
> get better but not much i've replaced all fuel lines and a "good" tune
> up. but yet it still does it. what i want to know is how to make it stop
> i would really like to drive this car but the problem worries me i also
> need to know if there is any one close to where i live to consult and
> get a lo6$D going i also have 2 beetles a 59' and a 70' but i like
> the fastback better its got 68000 miles on it and it was garage kept.
> thanks alot for all of your help and i live in Knoxville Tn. 

First off, check the time/date in your computer--it thinks it's still 

Then check to make sure that your distributor is advancing correctly, 
especially the mech adv. This is where a timing light comes in handy.

Then check the voltage between one of the hot terminals of your fuse 
box when the engine is warm and at medium rpms. It should be 14V or a 
bit higher. If it is below 13V replace the voltage regulator.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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