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Re: [T3] Fuel pump wiring.

There was a relay deal screwed or something by your pedals. I used a VOM
& carefully observed the wiring colors under the hood (with the tank
pulled) or i guess you can go under the car if you dont feel like pulling
the tank but i had to do both. 

But anyway observe the colors and finding the right wire under the dash
on that relay deal I believe it is screwed like a gray box deal with a
white conneš:«Q 2 or 3 wires attatched to it. 

One of thoes 3 wires (not the connector ones Has 2 on the same connector)
 will go to the pump thru the wiring hornest.  And i put mine on the back
of the fuse all the way on the left which i believe it is the accessory

And its controlled by your key and should go straight on.

Note: Just dont go switching wires and hooking up stuff because one of
these may be a GND but carefully make sure 100% before you hook it up. I
used a VOM (Volt, Ohm, Meter With Beeping sound for continuity) to do
this task.

It shouldnt be to mind boggling. you only have 3 wires to deal with and
it should only be one to the hot!

If you need further advice let me know and i will look under my dash
since its the car i dont use to much.


From, Chris Swafford
73' Yellow Squareback Manual 61,500 Mi
71' Lt.Blue Squareback Auto 88,00Mi For Sale
90' Nissan Sentra Multicolored & 83 Ford LTD (Gas Hog)

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