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[T3] Rear Nocking Suspention

I have a question that i dont hear people talking about to much but i
have had this prob on another VW before and ending up selling the car
instead of correcting the problem.

I had my yellow 1973 Squareback for about 1 1/2 year now had 61,000
original miles on it  and she's starting to develop this knocking sound
when i hit semi-hard bumps. I have replaced the shocks all the way around
with the good KYB shocks and so i know that problem is solved, but i cant
figure out where this knock is coming from. And its only when i hit
bumps. So i dont know!?!?!?!

And theres alot of bumps here in cii?C since they seem to be redoing
every street in a 25 mile range it seems like. If anyone might have any
ideas. Maybe something to tighten down or something. I need to know

Thanx Yall

From, Chris Swafford
73' Yellow Squareback Manual 61,500 Mi
71' Lt.Blue Squareback Auto 88,00Mi For Sale
90' Nissan Sentra Multicolored & 83 Ford LTD (Gas Hog)

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