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Re: [T3] Poor hot performance.

I've had FI vehicles vapor lock.  This may sound really weird, but it really
works.  Get some wooden, spring-type clothes pins & put them on the fuel
line where it looks like it would be the hottest.  Instant fuel line
radiator.  Some people would tell you to paint them black or silver,
depending on who you talk to. ;)


--- You can also get vapor
lock, where the gas actually vaporizes in the fuel line, leaving the
pump with nothing substantial to suck. This can happen while running,
usually in stop and go city traffic.  Another ill that FI doesn't

>Typ 3,
>I have been having some trouble with my engine that I suspect is related to
>this strange spate of hot weather we have been experiencing up here in the
>insect-infested swamps of Northeastern Europe (Finland).  For about the
>last month, it has been between 25C and 32C, non-stop.
>Anyway, the problem goes like this: the engine runs fine after the initial
>start-up and still fine after I have been driving around for 30 minutes.
>However, if I turn off the engine and then re-start say, 10 minutes later,
>the idle is uneven, acceleration is piss-poor and it even feels like I am
>not running on all cylinders.  If I make a roadtrip (more than 75km), shut
>down and restart, it is even worse and sometimes takes 5 seconds of
>cranking to get the engine started.  Fuel economy is about the same as
>always - 9l/100km - and I have not noticed any other problems.
>The engine is a basically stock 1584cc mill, with 34mm FRD carbs, Facet
>electronic fuel pump, CR is 9.5:1, 009 distributor, Crane XR-700 optically
>triggered points box and I use only 99 octane leaded fuel ($4.75 a gallon).
>The engine has been driven 8.500 km since the total reb̪t August and
>has otherwise performed flawlessly.  I recently lubed and adjusted the
>worthless hexbar linkage, adjusted the valves, cleaned the Crane eyeball in
>the distributor, balanced the carbs and washed the windows.
>Still the problem persists.
>My only thought is that due to the heat, the fuel is vaporizing in the
>carbs before it has a chance to enter the heads or while it is travelling
>the short journey down the intake manifolds to the combustion chamber.
>Obviously, if this is the problem, I will just have to wait for winter and
>it will go away.
>Has anyone from the heat-belt noticed any similar hot weather performance
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