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[T3] Product review: Innovations center console and glove box

Well, yesterday, about 10 minutes before the VW club meeting, i finished
putting in my innovations fiberglass center console unit.  Like all
fiberglass parts, it came with no holes.  A day later and i still itch from
the little fiberglass splinters from all the cutting.  In case anyone is
considering this mod, i'll tell you what fit.

i was just barely able to fit my alpine detatchable face stereo (standard
size) and four VDO 2 1/16" gauges in the upper flat surface and still look
good.  There would even be enough room for a cigarette lighter/power outlet
on the flat part.  i had to cut a hole for the shifter, and because i use a
scat dragfast, it was a good-sized hole.  i made it so that the boot looks
like it comes off the console, so it has the new-car shifter look.  i was
also able to cut holes and install two 4" round speakers on the side of the
console (for a total of 6 speakers in the square now!).

Also, i remember someone asking about the size of speaker that goes under
the dash.  while i was doing all this, i decided to put one in.  it is a
standard 4 by 6 inch dash speaker.  this size doesn't come with grilles, but
we won't need them anyway.

After it was all said and done, i have say that it looks pretty damn
awesome!  much more modern look and holds all my darkside goodies no problem
with its sturdy construction.

Two complaints.  1. the top doesn't quite match the funny  radio "notch" ( i
don't know what else to call it).  it goes in and looks fine, but it could
be better.  2. the part nearest the driver's feet flares out a little and
since i am 6'2", i did some finageling to make it a little narrower.

I also got a glove box from them.  it fits well, but it could be 1/4" wider
for fit perfectly.  but none of that paper dust crap in there now.  i can
use it like a gove box should be used.

Dan Hoopes
'67 Square, "Stanley"
Provo, Utah

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