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[T3] Superbolts

I'm still not back on the road after my upper ball joint failed, I had
to replace a bent tie rod and ends.  While I was there, I thought I
should replace the shocks, they've never been changed as long as I've
owned the car.  So order up a pair and get both tie rods changed out.
Replace the right shock, which takes about 5 minutes.  Start working
on the left one and the bottom nut comes off easily.  Can't get the
upper bolt to move.  Try heat, penetrating oil, use the impact wrench
on it for about 20 minutes, it's not going to move.  Get out the 4'
cheater pipe and heavy breaker bar, it doesn't move.  The head finally
snaps off the bolt, so at least I can get the shock off.  I figure
there was at least 500-800 ft-lbs on the cheater when it went.  So I
have a 12mm stud sticking out and I go get a stud remover.  All it
does is cut a groove in the bolt.  Next plan, drill it out.  So I cut
the thing off close to the mount with the cutoff saw and go get about
$30 worth of cobalt bits and start drilling.  4 hours later I've got a
23/32" hole through the bolt.  Usually at this point, I can get an awl
alongside the shell and collapse it.  Not happening, all it does is
blunt the awl.  When I try to go bigger, it peels the lips off 3 3/8"
bits in0I've gotten into the casehardening.  So at this point,
I put the tools away and go do something else.  I've down to grinding
the shell out with a die grinder, if anyone has other ideas, I'd sure
like to hear them.  So this 5 minute job has turned into a 4 day
affair(at least).

I also need a replacement shock mount bolt, it's spec 10.9, not 8.8
that you see most places.  12mm x1.5 pitch

What I figure has happened is that the moron that replaced the shocks
last time leaned on the upper bolt with the impact wrench, supposed to
have 25 ft-lbs.  I think if I grind down to the shoulder portion, the
tension will get released and I should be able to unscrew the rest of
it.  There was very little rust anywhere in the region and the bottom
nut was very easy to get off, so I figure it isn't rusted in place.
Going to be very tedious grinding away on the thing.

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