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Re: Fuel question

With my aircooled aircraft mechanics hat on I fully concur with Jim.  Take
the octane number on the pump as directly related to flashpoint.  The lower
the number, eg 87, the lower the temperature and/or pressure the fuel will
spontaneously ignite.  That's why we flyguys use 100/130 & occasionally 140
octane fuel.  Actually it's usually not even the octane content that is
referred to with the number.  It used to be but it's more efficiently done
by other chemicals now.  Pumps by us here in no-VW-show-country (Indiana)
declare the number on the pump to be an anti-knock rating rather than the
popular octane nomenclature.

Mike Geurink

> > lower-octane fuel burns *hotter*.
> JimA=> Not true.
> OK, tell me where I get off track:
> Octane is added to fuel to slow down the burn.

Right here. Higher octane gas does not burn any slower or faster than
low octane gas. A high octane rating just means that the fuel is less
likely to combust spontaneously under compression (dieseling.)
This just allows the combustion to be controlled by the spark rather
than by the somewhat random influences of knock.


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