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Re: [T3] Poor hot performance.

On 14 Jul 99, at 13:46, Patrick J. Morton wrote:

> Anyway, the problem goes like this: the engine runs fine aft5Tnitial
> start-up and still fine after I have been driving around for 30 minutes.
> However, if I turn off the engine and then re-start say, 10 minutes later,
> the idle is uneven, acceleration is piss-poor and it even feels like I am
> not running on all cylinders.  If I make a roadtrip (more than 75km), shut
> down and restart, it is even worse and sometimes takes 5 seconds of
> cranking to get the engine started.  Fuel economy is about the same as
> always - 9l/100km - and I have not noticed any other problems.
> The engine is a basically stock 1584cc mill, with 34mm FRD carbs, Facet
> electronic fuel pump, CR is 9.5:1, 009 distributor, Crane XR-700 optically
> triggered points box and I use only 99 octane leaded fuel ($4.75 a gallon).

You don't say how long this problem takes to go away. Does it?

Is there any chance that your Facet pump is located near the engine 
where it can get warm and boil off the gas and get vapor lock? It 
really "belongs" in front under the gas tank. AND I hope you have 
some kind of safety interlock on it.

Vapor lock can be made worse if the gas tank has lost it's vent, or 
if the filter screen in the bottom of the tank is clogged.

>                  - "Kraft durch Freude" -

Great slogan!

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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