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RE: [T3] Electronic Points

On 14 Jul 99, at 9:50, Woolston, Craig*
>   I have a timing light, but was under the impression that static timing was
> a much better way to go with VW aircooled engines.  So what should I see
> with my timing light?

Not at all. The timing light is more accurate. It's just that John 
Muir disliked all the extra gadgets that some people thought they had 
to have and he preferred to show that he could get by with a minimum. 
With your timing light you should be able to watch not only the idle 
timing, but also the timing advance as you goose the throttle and you 
can put a small hose on the vac adv and watch that change the timing 
as you suck on the hose. Each of these verifies that some different 
set of parts is working properly. Each of these things is difficult 
to check any other way.

>   The Phantom Menace suggested that I pay attention to total advance, and it
> shouldn't be more than 28 deg.  How do you measure the timing that well,
> repaint the fan and mark better increments of advance?

Yes, you can do that, or just estimate based on a comparison against 
the existing timing marks.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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