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Re: [T3] Electronic Points

If you really want to set static timing with one of the electronic
conversions.. it is very simple.. set the pulley to the timing mark, then
with the distributor set close to rq˜²he number one cylinder, move it,
and you'll actually HEAR it trigger............ I've been able to do it
with either compufires or pertronix...

Todd Daley
Ontario, Canada
71 Squareback
71 Fastback
72 Westfalia
84 Rabbit

Jason Mooth wrote:

> On 13 Jul 99, at 8:15, Woolston, Craig wrote:
> >   Has anyone had trouble setting the timing using a Static Timing
> Light?  I
> > can't seem to get the Electronic Points to behave the same as the
> stock
> > points when it comes to static timing.  Questions, answers,
> suggestions...
> I have used both the Pertronic and the Compu-Fire drop in electronic
> points. I am able to time the car staticly with the Compu-fire but the
> with the Pertronics the light would just stay on all the time. If you
> want to time staticly get the Compu-Fire. I was also told by someone at
> Barrett Enterprises that the Pertonics had been recalled/redesigned.
> Mine gave up and I replaced it with the Compu-Fire, no problems so far.
> Jason Mooth
> '67 Fastback
> Oahu
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