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Re: [T3] '62 owners please comment [was:'61 Notch for sale]

Big Al wrote:

> >Of course, VIN # 10582 = production date of November or December,
> >1961, so sounds like a '62 to me but maybe they still had '61
> >attributes at that point...
> Has anyone recieved birth papers from VW on their 62 yet?
> If so could you speak up and say what vin and month your T3 is?
> (it doesn't matter if Notch or Square, their both in the same
> sequence at this point in the production.)
> Well, my '62 is vin 0 002 349 still in that April to Dec range.
> Haven't received the paper yet.

Hey, I have a very nice book, Norwegian called "The history of the
peoples car" which begins with all different tries to make an affordable
car for the masses, but evolves into a VERY VW centered book :-) It is
published in late 1967 (there is even a pic of the "new" 1968 Bug and
Bus), and contains many nice pics, and s;s, among others, all
production numbers for types 1,2&3 up through 1966. These numbers are
even displayed year by year! So, these are the numbers, by year:

1961    0000001 - 0002061
1962    0002062 - 0094815
1963    0094816 - 0257228
1964    0257229 - 0483592
1965    315000001 - 315220701
1966    316000001 - 316316238
1967    317000001 -

As a side note, it says that the model year is counted starting August
1st - July 30th, starting in 1960, E.G. the production number 2062 is
produced August 1st 1961. This would of course make the T3D car a 1962

There is also another table, that shows output by calendar year:

1961    10663
1962    127324
1963    181809
1964    262020
1965    261915
1966    311701

NOTE: These are by calendar year!!

Also 2 nice pics of some Type3s at the production line etc., one where
the finished cars roll off the line, another of a line of Fastys, almost
complete body, but w/o floorpan! Other photos include some promo shots,
and a nice pic from a car show in 1965, with a nice fasty and Ghia (T3
of course) in the foreground, and some bug and an Audi in the

This book also contains the production numbers for the Type1 1940-1966
and Type2 1950-1966. Let me know if these are interesting.

73 Wagon

Btw, Big Al, it  would make me happy if you want to include this info on
your site!

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