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Re: [T3] Motor is "stuck " in mornings

On 13 Jul 99, at 15:51, Renier Marais wrote:

> Last week I tried to start my Square and the motor didn't want to turn, so I 
> presumed because it was standing for about two weeks the battery 
> propably ran down. r it down a hill to try and run/start it,
> but when I popped the clutch in second the motor didn't want to turn.
> Then I stuck it in fourth and after a few pops it jumped into life
> The next morning the same thing happened again, could this be fuel 
> that stuck in the combustion chamber because of floading? If so, it's 
> very strange because I've been parking on the same spot for weeks, now 
> suddenly it's fine again. Do I need to check those carbs?

Probably the best way to tell would be to wait until some morning 
when you have time to work on the car, then verify that the engine is 
stuck. Then remove the spark plugs and the coil wire.  Let someone 
else get in the car and try the starter while you watch. If raw 
gasoline blows out one of the cylinders you will have your answer to 
why the engine wouldn't start, as well as why it was a good idea to 
remove the coil wire.

>  I read somewhere that you can use a T3 chassis for kitcars like 
> dunebuggies.  I've got a Square chassis without a body that I would 
> like to convert into a Porsche 550 kitcar,  do you guys think this would be 
> viable or should I rather get a T1 chassis. I'd rather use the T3 
> because it's complete except for the missing body!

I think all VW kit cars were designed around the type 1 pan just 
because of their ready availability.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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