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Re: [T3] Auto Trans Problems

On 12 Jul 99, at 23:12, Brad Smith wrote:

> I have a "70" squareback with an automatic trans. I was just getting
> ready to rebuild the engine when the transmission started to refuse to
> go into reverse. At first I could go into Park and then Reverse and it
> would go OK but now have no reverse at all. No noise, proper fluid
> level. Reverse just disappeared. This almost seems like some kind of a
> linkage problem. It has always worked great since I bought my
> squareback. It only has 102,000 miles on iŁ]ˇand I have put on the
> last 9000 miles. Am I looking at  major transmission repair or could it
> be something just got out of adjustment?

Did you realize that the ATF level must be checked with the engine 
running in N, but after shifting the tranny through all the gears. In 
other words, it's measured with all its passages filled with fluid, 
not after they have drained back into the sump (like the engine.)

It could be the cable adjustment, but in that case you should be able 
to find R somewhere between P and N.

It might be instructive to get a new sump gasket and remove the sump 
and just inspect for obvious signs of... whatever. The ATF should be 
red, not brown, and not have a burned smell to it.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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