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Re: [T3] Cylinder Head

On 12 Jul 99, at 2:51, jk wrote:

>     A week ago, I brought my car to a local Volkswagen shop to have a
> mechanic to take a look at my engine. The mechanic observed the motor and
> shared this a bad news to me. He told me that the left side of the engine is
> separated from the head and the cylinder. I would say a bit fine line is
> separated that caused "air leak". I asked him if this could be repaired. He
> suggested rebuilding the engine. I also did asked him if I could tighten
> bolts on the head to the cylinder and he advised me not to do that otherwise
> the cylinder would not set properly. Another local experienced Volkswagen
> engine rebuilter encouraged me to torque the cylinder head. I am at lost. I
> would like to hear your advises if I should go ahead torque the nuts. I have
> 1973 Squareback w/ automatic tranny with dual carbs.

There are 2 ways that your head could loosen up: either a nut comes 
loose, or a stud pulls out of the magnesium case. Both happen enough 
to make this uncertain. There are 8 studs on each side, 4 upper and 4 
lower, the nuts on any of these can loosen up, but=z%e lower 
ones ever pull out of the case.

Here's what I would do: Pull off the left valve cover and remove the 
rocker assembly. Carefully torque each nut to spec. DO NOT EXCEED 
SPEC!!!! If they will reach torque and hold it, then they just 
loostened up. If they were already tight then it is the uppers and 
the problem is loose nuts.

Even if things only need major retightening it is probably best to 
pull the engine, remove the sheet metal and retorque all 8 bolts. If 
this were my engine I would pull the head at this point just to 
inspect it. If it has run loose for a long time, it may be damaged. 
Look for signs that exhaust gases have eroded the aluminum away 
somehere, or that the head has hammered against the cylinder and made 
a groove for itself there; the seating surface should be flat.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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