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[T3] Cylinder Head


    A week ago, I brought my car to a local Volkswagen shop to have a
mechanic to take a look at my engine. The mechanic observed the motor and
shared this a bad news to me. He told me that the left side of the engine is
separated from the head and the cylinder. I would say a bit fine line is
separated that caused "air leak". I asked him if this could be repaired. He
suggested rebuilding the engine. I also did asked him if I could tighten
bolts on the head to the cylinder and he advised me not to do that otherwise
the cylinder would not set properly. Another local experienced Volkswagen
engine rebuilter encouraged me to torque the cylinder head. I am at lost. I
would like to hear your advises if I should go ahead torque the nuts. I have
1973 Squareback w/ automatic tranny with dual carbs.
    I noticed that my car's performance is not the same, as before, I was
able to speed at 80 MPH easily without flooring the gas pedal in the past.
Right now, my car would only reach up to 70's MPH while the gas pedal is
slammed on the floor. Even through my setting for the car is correct. I
already adjusted the valve, pointer, balanced the dual carbs, and timed it.
I wonder the leak in the cylinder head cause this poor performance?


 '73 Bright Orange Squareback
 '66 Westfalia

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