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Re: [T3] i'm finally getting somewhere!!!

On 10 Jul 99, at 13:22, mark kaylor wrote:

> ok here's the deal.  i finally picked up a volt/ohmmeter and went through 
> the trouble shooting section for FI in the idiot manual...i now know that my 
> fuel pump isn't turning on when the ignition is on.
> i thought for sure i had a bad pump, i'm a real pessimist.  so i checked out 
> the fuses and had some bad ones but she still wouldn't start.  here's what 
> else i found:  the pump relay failed the tests from the book.  my friend is 
> somewhat of a mechanical nut so he pryed the relay open and there's a 
> contact inside.  when the key is on and the contact is made, my pump 
> runs!!!!  now my question is, does this mean the relay is bad, or could it 
> be whatever powers the relay that is in question?  there's no voltage 
> readings through the relay.  i also checked out the main relay under the 
> backseat, and there's 12 volts going to terminal 30/51 which means it's 
> getting power, but terminals 86 and 87 have nothing.  what does this all 
> mean?

When you turn the key on do you have 12V between terms 86 and 87? (I 
assume those are the 2 terminals that the plastic connector plugs 
onto.) If you do, but the relay doesn't respond then the relay is 

If no voltage then the relay is not at fault. Check in the front of 
the engine compartment just to the left of center. There should be 2 
wires connected with one of the VW in-line splices. Is that 
connection good.

When you have the key ON, can you hear little clicks as you depress 
the throttle?

  well at least my pump is functional right?   another thing i 
> discovered after reading up was that the when you turn the ignition on the 
> 1.5 seconds of pump running is signaled by a wire from the si]erminal. 
>   my connection for this wire was taped up and the connection on the 
> solenoid was bent down, as if someone was trying to say "don't do it".

That wire should be connected, but make sure that it is connected to 
the solenoid terminal that is only hot while the key is in the START 
postition. Leaving that wire off will not stop your pump from running 
for ~1 sec, but the fuel pump should run as long as the starter is 
running. This wire is what tells the computer that the starter is 
running. The computer operates the relay and shuts it down as soon as 
there has been ~1 second of no activity. No activity means, no turn 
of the key, no starter running, no engine running.

This wire also gives a little extra richness for starting.

> what does all this mean?  it seems to me it will end up being something 
> pretty simple, but i don't want to shell out the money for the pump relay if 
> i don't have to.  i got quoted $47.50 from the vw dealer.  just for that 
> little box.  anyway, any feedback would be much appreciated.  and i'm very 
> grateful for all the help so far, all you guys are great.  really.

I doubt that you need a new relay, but if you do I have good used 
ones for $15 including shipping.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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