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Re: [T3] Headlights--6V to 12V

Per Lindgren wrote:

> >  There is a 2.5mm wire coming from fuse #8 to connector J, and a .5mm jumper
> > wire from J to 30.  Those are the connectors hanging down.
> Well, as I don't know exactly what they are for, I cant say no more than what I can
> find in the wiring diagram displayed in the Haynes. It does not say exact year, only
> "early 6 volt models". As I said earlier, the diagram in the Haynes has an I
> connection, but it is not used, still it can be the same as the J you mentioned. It
> also depends on how many fuses your car hó.®–ess. The diagram here has 10 fuses.

My car does indeed have the block with 10 fuses.  The wiring diagram I am using is for
the VW 1500S from April 1964, Chassis No 0 423 140.

> But then I took a look at the different wiring diagrams in the Haynes manual for the
> 1300/1500 Beetle, and I saw that there are several styles of relays. Some with, and
> some without a 30 connection. None with the J connection. I guess you will sort it
> out if you can find a relay with the connections S F 56 56a 30. Then you should try
> to connect the J wire to the 30 connection. Btw, you write that the J wire comes
> from fuse #8, but what is on the other side of fuse #8? Where does it come from / go
> to?

The wires going into fuse #8 (counting from left to right) are a 4.0mm wire labeled as
"30" coming from the steering column and another 4.0mm wire coming from the B+ terminal
of the voltage regulator.  Is there a way to get the steering column section apart and
trace the wiring inside of it?  I took the collar with the turnsignal switch and
connectors off of the steering column, but was not able to figure out how to get inside
of it.

Thanks for all the help

65 notch

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