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Re: [T3] Fuel pump wiring.

On 11 Jul 99, at 17:28, JR75750@aol.com wrote:

> |I'm trying to wire an electric fuel pump in a 71 fasty that had been 
> converted to carbs.
> I want to utilize the stock wiring if possible.  Looking at the Bentley it 
> looks like wire 85 on relay J17 will need to have 12v applied to energize the 
> relay.  Problem is I don't know where the J17 relay is.  I found the J16 
> relay under the seat and it seems to work fine.  I no longer have an ECU so I 
> cannot gel the 12v from there.  I was planning on connecting wire 85 to the 
> ignition switch so it is on when the veá…Z on unless anyone can let me 
> know of another option that might be safer.

The fuel pump relay is under the dash. If you rearrange the wires on 
that relay you can just get power straight from the fuse box whenever 
the key is on.

You should be aware that doing this is DANGEROUS because there is no 
interlock for the fuel pump. In case of an accident the pump will 
continue to run until the key is turned OFF. An alternative is to 
continue to use the FI distributor, brain, and relays. 

A simpler alternative is to use a mechanical fuel pump as was 
standard equipment with carbs. This gives an automatic interlock 
since the engine will stop if it stops getting fuel, thus stopping 
the pump.

A friend of mine died a fiery death a few years ago in a car with an 
aftermarket non-interlocked electric puel pump. I don't want to go 
through that again. Neither do you.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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