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Re: [T3] Headlights--6V to 12V

Neil wrote:

> The wiring diagram I have shows the relay with the following connectors:
> 56   S   F   56a   J   30
> The relay I have in has the following connectors:
> 56   S   F   56a
>  There is a 2.5mm wire coming from fuse #8 to connector J, and a .5mm jumper
> wire from J to 30.  Those are the connectors hanging down.

Well, as I don't know exactly what they are for, I cant say no more than what I can
find in the wiring diagram displayed in the Haynes. It does not say exact year, only
"early 6 volt models". As I said earlier, the diagram in the Haynes has an I
connection, but it is not used, still it can be the same as the J you mentioned. It
also depends on how many fuses you+:Ls, I guess. The diagram here has 10 fuses.

But then I took a look at the different wiring diagrams in the Haynes manual for the
1300/1500 Beetle, and I saw that there are several styles of relays. Some with, and
some without a 30 connection. None with the J connection. I guess you will sort it
out if you can find a relay with the connections S F 56 56a 30. Then you should try
to connect the J wire to the 30 connection. Btw, you write that the J wire comes
from fuse #8, but what is on the other side of fuse #8? Where does it come from / go

> A couple of other
> things about the wiring on this car are bothering me.  The diagram shows a light
> green 1.0mm wire running from the steering column to fuse #7 on the fuse block.
> It then comes out of there and runs right back into the steering column.  It is
> labeled as "P" where it goes in and comes out.  It is the only thing on that
> fuse.  This wire does not exist on my car.  There is a connector on back of the
> ignition switch labeled as "P", but nothing is hooked up to it.  What is this
> wire supposed to be for?   The connectors for the side markers are also missing
> from the steering column wiring block.  I'm assuming that someone switched this
> steering column section out at some point.  Should I try to get an original to
> replace it with to get some functionality back?  The side markers are not
> important to me right now, but I have to wonder if I'm missing something with
> the "P" wires????

You've practically answered your own question there, Neil. Yes, the P is for the
side marker lights, or Parking lights as they are also known as. The feature of
these are that, when the ignition is off, the parking lights of the respective side
is activated when you turn the turn signal lever. I have these on my 73 Square, but
they are not connected to the side markers, but to the tail light, and front parking
light instead (the lamps on the side of my 73 are amber, and connected to the turn
signals). There is a P output on the back of the ign. switch,ߖdGn turn goes to
the P connection on the turn signal lever. The P connection on the back of the ign.
switch gets power when the ign. is off. My 87 Vanagon is also setup this way, but
the wires from the ign. switch to the turn signal lever are not installed from the
factory. I plan to do this when I get time.

73 Wagon

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