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Re: [T3] Headlights--6V to 12V

Per Lindgren wrote:

> Neil wrote:
> > I'm trying to get my 65 notch on the road after 27 years (yes,
> > twenty-seven) of sitting.
> Wow!
> >  Most of the wiring was pulled our of the fuse
> > box,so I followed the wiring diagram for for my car and managed to get
> > everything hooked back up.  My only problem was that all the electrical
> > parts had been replaced with 12 Volt stuff some years back when a PO
> > tried to get things going.  I got everything to work but the
> > headlights.  When I pull the switch, they come on, but are bright.
> > Nothing happens when you hit the dimmer switch.  The problem, I'm pretty
> > sure, stems from the fact that I can't find a replacem,^light
> > flasher relay.  The stock one (which was missing) has 6 prongs for
> > hooking up wires (as per the wiring diagram).  All of the 12V flashers
> > only have 4 prongs.  I checked with the 2 local "VW" shops here in town,
> > and no one at either place knows what to do.  I also checked the local
> > "import" auto parts store and they had no idea.  I still have the extra
> > 2 wires dangling down from the dash.  Is there a replacement 12V flasher
> > relay that will work with this car?
> What two sires are they, the ones that hang from your dash? By looking at
> the 6V wiring diagram in the Haynes, I must say it should not ba any problem
> putting in the 12V 4 prong style relay. In this diagram, there is one wire
> that jumps over from another, and one unused, so there is in reality only 4
> wires connected to the relay. These are the connections S, F, 56, 56a. The
> 30 is just a jump from 56, the I is not connected in this diagram.
> PerL
> 73 Wagon

The wiring diagram I have shows the relay with the following connectors:

56   S   F   56a   J   30

The relay I have in has the following connectors:

56   S   F   56a

 There is a 2.5mm wire coming from fuse #8 to connector J, and a .5mm jumper
wire from J to 30.  Those are the connectors hanging down.  A couple of other
things about the wiring on this car are bothering me.  The diagram shows a light
green 1.0mm wire running from the steering column to fuse #7 on the fuse block.
It then comes out of there and runs right back into the steering column.  It is
labeled as "P" where it goes in and comes out.  It is the only thing on that
fuse.  This wire does not exist on my car.  There is a connector on back of the
ignition switch labeled as "P", but nothing is hooked up to it.  What is this
wire supposed to be for?   The connectors for the side markers are also missing
from the steering column wiring block.  I'm assuming that someone switched this
steering column section out at some point.  Should I try to get an original to
replace it with to get d佬ctionality back?  The side markers are not
important to me right now, but I have to wonder if I'm missing something with
the "P" wires????



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