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[T3] FWD: Parts Find

Thanks, Mikey!

	I'm forwarding your message to the list.


>Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 23:29:06 -0400
>From: "Michael P. Morrison" <progeny@crosslink.net>
>To: gregm@vwtype3.org
>Subject: Parts Find
>Hey Greg :)
>    Don't know if you remember me...used to be on the list but I don't
>have as much time to sit in front of the computer now...anyhow, I just
>came up with one hell of a parts find, thought you or the people on the
>list could use it...here's a copy of what I posted on RAMVA...Short
>version, 6 Squarebacks and a Fasty, relatively complete, he'll sell
>whole or parts.  Some of this post is non-T3, but like I said, I posted
>it on RAMVA too...
> Found some good stuff today.  An old guy that used to work on VWs is
>getting rid of all his stuff. 7e took me to this place way back
>in the woods (needed a truck to get there) where he had all the cars
>sitting...There were a bunch of cars, mostly complete and you could tell
>they were all decent when they were put there.  Only one was worth even
>considering restoring (an Orange '70 Fastback) unless you're really hard
>up.  That car was complete and relatively solid looking.  There were 6
>more Squarebacks, all late model except one 68.  All these cars were
>mostly complete but very rough.  A lot of them had broken windows where
>kids had gotten to them with a 22 about a year ago.  There is some good
>sheet metal there.  I'd say about 3 pair of good front fenders, some
>rear fenders, some here's and theres.  (I've already claimed the best
>front fenders and a windshield)  Unfortunately, it was starting to get
>dark and I didn't get to spend as much time back there as I'd liked.  He
>said that he drove every one of them back there.  All ran when parked
>but he said they'd all been back there for at least 10 years.
> There was also 1 Super Beetle (73 or newer) that was pretty much a
>shell...it had the coolest 70s style stripe on it.  There was a standard
>beetle that's not even worth mentioning..and a complete late 60s early
>70s Ghia that didn't look too bad...did't look at it to hard since I
>don't have one.
> Then he took me back to his house and through a trail in the woods to
>this shed that you couldn't even walk in.  Piled with parts...and more
>in the attic.  My buddy Ron bought some early rear Bug fenders, a
>working Sapphire radio w/face plate, one good front fender and a tail
>light lense for $75.  I poked around in there (with a
>flashlight...again, it was getting dark) and in the 15 min I was in
>there, came up with 3 early Beetle decklids, all decent, 1 real nice
>63ish convertible deck lid.  3 early T3 hoods, piles of cases, heads,
>engine stuff.  A pair of early T3 rear fenders (couldn't get to them,
>they were in the attic and the floor began to get a little soft, I'll be
>more brave n^"=...they didn't look bad though) a real early Beetle
>gas tank (looked like the one in my buddy's 59)  There was a lot of bug
>glass, he said he had some Ghia glass too.  There was a pair of decent
>looking (again, couldn't get back to them) 70-71ish T3 seats.  2 decent
>rear early t3 bumpers, one front.
> All the T3s in the woods were mostly complete except for motors and
>trannys...there are only like 3 motors and I would say they'd only be
>good for rebuilding...there were some Automatic trannys there too.
>Found a couple nice steering wheels and horn rings, some T3 side pop
>outs...too much to even begin to remember.
> He was a real nice old guy once he warmed up to us.  Said he had a
>tractor and would pull any of the cars out of the woods if I wanted the
>whole thing or to take parts off.  They were in the woods right next to
>a clearing, so there is a place in the open to work.  I told him I'd be
>back in a few weeks when I get some money.
> The reason I'm posting this is if anyone is interested, I'd be willing
>to pull parts for you or take you with me when I go back.  The cars are
>in Ciecle Co. MD if you're in this area.  None of this stuff is
>pristine, but a lot of it is fixable and usable.  He also said if
>there's anything that anyone needed that he'd dig through his shed to
>for us.  He knows what he's got and I wouldn't go as far as to say he
>was cheap, but definitely in line as far as what he's asking for stuff.
>He is giving me a pair of front T3 fenders and a windshield for $75 if I
>pull it.  He will sell  the cars as a whole...has titles for most of
>them.  The Ghia, the Fastback and maybe 2 of the Squareback are the only
>ones worth considering.  Let me know what you're looking for and it
>might spark my memory.  Like I said, I didn't get to spend too much time
>there since it was getting dark.  I'm going to take a camera next time.
>Let me know if there's anything you want me to look for or if you want
>to go with me.
> :)
>Let me know if you or anyone want any of thM<n't need much of it,
>only a pair of front fenders, a windshield, steering wheel and horn ring
>and that's about it.  Everything else, have at it.  This is a real nice
>old guy and one of the few that didn't "just send it to the junk yard"
>so I'd like to make it worth his while...you don't find too many people
>like that anymore.
>Thanks :)

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