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Re: [T3] Headlights--6V to 12V

Neil wrote:

> I'm trying to get my 65 notch on the road after 27 years (yes,
> twenty-seven) of sitting.


>  Most of the wiring was pulled our of the fuse
> box,so I followed the wiring diagram for for my car and managed to get
> everything hooked back up.  My only problem was that all the electrical
> parts had been replaced with 12 Volt stuff some years back when a PO
> tried to get things going.  I got everything to work but the
> headlights.  When I pull the switch, they come on, but are bright.
> Nothing happens when you hit the dimmer switch.  The problem, I'm pretty
> sure, stems from the fact that I can't find a replacement headlight
> flasher relay.  The stock one (which was missing) has 6 prongs for
> hooking up wires (as per the wiring diagram).  All of the 12V flashers
> only have 4 prongs.  I checked with the 2 local "VW" shops here in town,
> and no one at either place knows what to do.  I also checked the local
> "import" auto parts store and they had no idea.  I still have the extra
> 2 wires dangling down from the dash.  Is there a replacement 12V flasher
> relay that will work with this car?

What two sires are they, the ones that hang from your dash? By looking at
the 6V wiring diagram in the Haynes, I must say it should not ba any problem
putting in the 12V 4 prong style relay. In this diagram, “tú one wire
that jumps over from another, and one unused, so there is in reality only 4
wires connected to the relay. These are the connections S, F, 56, 56a. The
30 is just a jump from 56, the I is not connected in this diagram.

73 Wagon

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