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[T3] [T3} Headlights--6V to 12V

I'm trying to get my 65 notch on the road after 27 years (yes,
twenty-seven) of sitting.  Most of the wiring was pulled our of the fuse
box,so I followed the wiring diagram for for my car and managed to get
everything hooked back up.  My only problem was that all the electrical
parts had been replaced with 12 Volt stuff some years back when a PO
tried to get things going.  I got everything to work but the
headlights.  When I pull the switch, they come on, but are bright.
Nothing happens when you hit the dimmer switch.  The problem, I'm pretty
sure, stems from the fact that I can't find a replacement headlight
flasher relay.  The stock one (which was missing) has 6 prongs for
hooking up wires (as per the wiring diagram).  All of the 12V flashers
only have 4 prongs.  I checked with the 2 local "VW" shops here in town,
and no one at either place knows what to do.  I also checked the local
"import" auto parts store and they had no idea.  I still have the extra
2 wires dangling down from the dash.  Is there a replacement 12V flasher
relay that will work with this car?


65 Notch

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