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Re: [T3] Luke, come to the dark side

Actually, it's more a matter of selecting the proper size venturi and jets
when it comes to the bigger Webber carbs. So potentially the 40mm carbs
could be a good match. However, even Berg is not completely satisfied with
just changing the venturi and jets, they prefer to go a step further and
modify the fuel circuits (don't ask me how cause I don't know) to make it
flow just right for VW aircooled engines.

If the only thing you will change on your future engine is the displacement,
then it's not likely you will gain much from these carburators over the
Solex 32's, in fact you have a good potential to loose power and cause
excessive heat and wear out your engine prematurely with Nrbs, should
you not get them setup properly. If you want to sink the money into Webers,
make sure you get them from the people that build your engine so that they
can be properly adjusted to your configuration.

Nathan Jacobsen
'62 NB
'69 SB M/T
ICQ #38633286

> OOOhhh were losing another one!!
> 40mm is too big for a 1776, 32 is OK or 34 if your always winding it out.
> and the 1776 will have shorter life according to Berg,, he didnt want to
> sell me 90.5's
> Keith
> ----------
> > From: Dan Hoopes <dan@ewed.net>
> > To: T3 List <type3@vwtype3.org>
> > Subject: [T3] Luke, come to the dark side
> > Date: Friday, July 09, 1999 5:29 PM
> >
> > (Heavy breathing to show that Darth Vader Approaches)
> >
> > I am feeling the pull of the dark side increasingly lately.
> >
> > I have a relatively stock engine, but want some more performance.  I
> > occasionally use it for two/three hour drives, but mostly it is an
> -
> > town car.  I just found out that CB performance has a Weber 40 IDF setup
> > specifically for T3's.  I am planning on beefing up my engine in  the
> future
> > to a 1776, but does anyone know if i could put these 40 mm monsters on
> > stock engine until then and still have a driveable beast?  I don't do
> > racing, I just want more power.
> >
> > Also, does bigger carbs affect the heat of the engine es as much (or
> > than?) as say, changing the rockers to change the compression ratio?
> >
> > The carb setup from CB is $609.  Anyone know of a better price?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Dan Hoopes
> > dan@ewed.net
> > '67 Square (Stanley)
> > '73 Thing (Nameless)
> > '64 Bug (Mutley X Baron)
> >
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