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[T3] Lessons from the Dark Side

Just a little preventive for tire/wheel buying for all you closet DDSG

I have found that the best offset for a low transport is provided by the
original Riviera rim.  This wheel is .5 narrower than an 8 spoke or 5
spoke EMPI and sits in the rear wheel well nice enough to accommodate a
215/65/15 tire.  This means that I can finally run the DOT 'cheater
slicks' of my dreams.  The EMPIs really don't due well with anything
more than a 165R15 or a 195/70/15.

As to the front of the car...when it is down there in the weeds.  A
165R15 rubs at the slightest turn.  But who would want stock anyway?
Right?  THe 135 will tuck nicely, but is not a friend of the true
driver, the side walls flex way too much.  The 145 is perfect for the
weeds and still provides some tire to the ground.  If you are lowering
but not in the weeds, the 195/60/15 is right up your alley!  Good tire
patch, descent variety of choices and has a good track record.

Just wanted to provide some kind hearted advice; err, help; err
inspiration; err nevermind....this hole is getting deep...

64 Menace
PS Everett, it is for sale to you....Come on, it is close to stock!  It
still has the truck tags....

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