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[T3] '71 Squareback for sale (Atlanta area)

We've decided to sell our '71 Squareback after 5 years of faithful service.
It's Kansas Beige and was repainted 4 years ago.  Mechanically it's
stock, 4 speed, 1600cc, f/i.

We re-upholstered the front seats, and still have the new upholstery for the
but just never needed to do it, it isn't as bad.  It has a PIP wood slat
roof rack 
(mounted to the rain gutters) as well as a complete set of spare wood slats.

The front end was just redone - new tie rod ends, steering dampner and

In addition to the car, you also get all our spare parts that we've
collected over
the years (we stripped another '71 Square for parts.)  These include:

Complete set of body panels (green) - hood, doors, fenders (4), hatchback,
Complete set of windows (doors and hatchback still have glass in them).
Two front seats, 1 rear seat (all these need new upholstery).
Complete front and rear suspension.
Steering column and wheel.
Extra turn signal lenses and housings.
Front and rear bumpers.
4 speed transmission.
Stock engine, disassembled, needs to be rebuilt.
Gas tank, fuel pump, 2 spare f/i brains.
Freshly rebuilt generator.
Four studded snow tires (Hakki's) on stock steel wheels.
Four extra stock steel wheels (no tires) - in addition to the 4 + spare on
the car.

Many, many other, smaller parts scattered about the garage.

We're asking $2000 for the whole lot.  If you don't want all (or some of)
parts, I'm sure we can work out a deal too.

Call me at 770-924-1170 (home) or email me at dburden@mindspring.com.

Dave Burden
-----?´------------

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