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Re: [T3] carb tune up ?'s

When adjusting the stock Solexes, you need to do the mixture first:
The mixture screw (with the plastic knurled top) reduces the fuel as it is
screwed in.  This should cause uneven running and a drop in rpm.
Unscrewing it eventually produces uneven running as the mixture gets too
rich.  You have to aim for the weak end of this range, about 1/4 to 1/2 a
turn before it starts telling you it's too weak.  If you have a CO tester,
about 3 to 4% is fine.

The balancing is done on the throttle stop screws, and this is where the
Unisyn comes in.  You need to get both sucking the same, and at the same
time, the idle at around 850 rpm manual, or 900 auto.  A small adjustment
on each is better than a lot on one, as the other carb can feed mixture
through the balancing pipe and hide the effect.

Also, make sure the electromagnetic idle valve is in tightly, and the
auto-chokes come off completely after a few minutes.  If it still doesn't
adjust, there may be air leaks round the throttle plate shaft.  If you open
the throttle a little and waggle the shaft sideways, sloppiness means the
bush is worn; re-bushing is the only answer to that.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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> If it takes a full turnyaction on the air idle screw, that's
> OK. But it could also mean that you have an air leak in your throttle
> bushing or at the manifold to head gasket.
> > I have a question on balancing flow and setting idle etc.:
> > Muir suggests turning the idle air screws "tiny amounts" until the
> > RPM's start to drop.  The only change I get is with large amounts,
> > like 1 full turn. Is that normal?

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