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Re: [T3] she still won't start!!! ????

OK, I've been there and done that, mine was DOA when I got it.

I'm assuming your starter is working and you've got a freshly charged

You should have about a 2 second buzz from the pump when you first
turn on the ignition switch.  If you've got that, then the next thing
I'd check is to see if the distributor drive is installed correctly.
Set the #1 cylinder to TDC, I use a scribe through the plug hole to
check, and see if the position of the distributor drive matches what's
shown in Bentley.  My stupid PO had set the one on my original engine
like a bug's, no way was it Е9 start.  If you have to pull the
drive to correct it, be careful, there's at least one shim washer on
the bottom and you don't want that down in the timing gear section.
Once you've verified that the timing is correct, plug the distributor
back into the harness,with the cap off, turn on the ignition and
rotate the shaft.  You should hear clicks when you rotate and the pump
should run.  If you've got that, the control unit should be working
and the injectors are firing.  If you really want to check, pull the
injectors out and one pair from opposite corners should fire for every
click.  If no clicks, then you've got a problem somewhere.  Now what I
did, because the PO had butchered things up badly, was go get a
volt-ohmmeter(you're going to need one anyway) and run the procedure
that Muir has in the Idiot's Guide.  There was a lot wrong with that
harness(as well as 5 quarts of oil in the crankcase).  Chances are
you've got a broken wire or a connector that didn't get put back on
when things were moved around.

If you don't have it, you NEED the Bentley manual, it's the only place
with the FI circuit diagrams.

One other thing that has happened to me when I first got it running
was that the distributor clamp didn't hold and the distributor popped
up out of engagement with the drive slot.  Left me high and dry in
traffic.  I replaced the clamp and that hasn't ever happened again.
Something to check, anyway.

On Wed, 07 Jul 1999 19:34:15 PDT, you wrote:

>just want to say thanks for all your help so far....
>now here's where i'm at.  i've been spending every waking hour after work 
>until dark trying to figure this out...i'm not a mechanical genius so it's 
>tough.  anyway...i checked out the fuel pump, it seems to be working fine, 
>turns on when key is on, there's fuel in the gas line coming out of the pump 
>and also after the dampner...it seems as though the gas is making it through 
>the system, there's gas in the line after the regulator (which means it's on 
>its way back right??).
>i haven't checkedDctors yet.  i did pull my distributor to check the 
>trigger contacts (i remembered when i bought the car the guy told me it 
>needs "new points", but they were "inside the engine??".  i guess he was 
>refering to the trigger contacts).  they were were pretty crudded up, but 
>luckily i had a decent set from a distributor from another engine i have.  
>so i put them in, and nothing.  another thing, my distributor seems to be 
>not in right, although the rotor turns and everything......i set #1 tdc and 
>put it in but its not flush with the top of the mount, there's a little 
>clearance there.  could this be a problem??  this is all very 
>frustrating....i may give up soon.........
>'70 SB
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